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Planners and dreamers met at the Minot Public Library (Minot, North Dakota) on March 11, 1978. Dr. Ariel Williams, the first President of the group, group once stated, "Louise Jevne is the mother of the Society, Sudesh Metha, the midwife and I am the attending physician." Louise Jevne is credited with suggesting the name MOUSE RIVER LOOP GENEALOGY SOCIETY (later changed to GENEALOGICAL) for the group of "hunters."


Several persons added their expertise in getting the society organized: Edward and Virginia Lee Bryans, Kasey Finke, Albert Hausauer, Louise Jevne, Mabel Sletting, and Paula Ward are a few names. The group chartered on April 1, 1978.


One of the first projects for the society was to clip and save obituaries. Programs and workshops have been held featuring a variety of topics: Beginning Research, Norwegian Research, Sources, Photo & Memorabilia Preservation, and now we are on into the Internet Research.


Some points of history:

  • Pioneer & Early Settler Certificates were first issued in the fall of 1979.

  • The first ethnic dinner was held in December 1979.

  • The society received a Library of Congress Number in 1983. 

  • Began having door prizes in 1983 to collect money for a photocopier of similar addition to the inventory.

  • Membership roster and brochure put into the Ward County Centennial's Time Capsule in 1986.

  • Membership cards were designed in 1986.

  • Tenth anniversary was celebrated in 1988 with 23 of the original 55 charter members still active and many newer members.

  • Published a cookbook of collected ethnic recipes in 1988.

  • Society had a float in the North Dakota State Fair parade in 1989.


The society had purchased books, microfilm, and CD-roms for use at the Minot Public Library. Some of these were in memory of deceased members and some as a project to assist in genealogical research at the library.


We have had tables and booths at the mall, North Dakota State Fair, Norsk Hostfest and other times to promote genealogical research. Our society has exchanged publications with various other groups across the country. In 1991, the society applied for and was granted non-profit status.


Membership surname list and surname cares have been compiled at various times throughout the year and we try to keep them current. Many publications/compilations are offered  for sale from the society. Many research projects included the copying of funeral home records and county courthouse records. Cemeteries in the area have been read and added to the statewide information network.


John Mogren - President

Shirley McMillan - Vice President

Vicki Hoffart - Secretary

Nancy Bergstrasser - Treasurer

Mildred Abernathy

Marion Bakken

Lorrayne Balke

Bernell Benson

Margaret Benson

Agnes Bierdeman

Margaret Bintz

Edward Bryans

Virginia Bryans

Patricia Chalcraft

Eivind Chrislock

Orva Chrislock

Robert Dickson

Mabel Ennis

Winifred Erdman

Alma Erickson

Kasey Finke

Peggy Foss

Marvin Geiss

George Godfrey

Olga Gryde

Mary Heath

Marilyn Hoffman

Margaret Holbach

Mary Janicki

Harry Jevne

Louise Jevne

Albena Lang

Ivadell Larson

Orlin Larson

Gloria Loe

Mary Mayer

Sudesh Mehta

Ron Metz

Annella Miller

Mary Misek

John Mogren

Doris Nelson

Hildor Nelson

Carol Norsby

Neva Preskey

Phyllis Preskey

Ruby Rhodes

Janet Rosencrans

Cecil Roth

Carol Schwan

Patricia Siebert

Mabel Sletting

Mae Swenson

Paula Ward

Esther Whitcomb

Ariel Williams

Helen Williams

Lillian Wilson


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